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20 Mar 2018 : AGMs: Main Club 11th April and Hockey Club 14th April

The Main Club AGM. This is on 11th April at 7.30pm. You are all members of the Main Club, so please try to be there if you can. We may need your vote!

 Hockey Club AGM. They’re like buses… The Club will hold its AGM on Saturday 14th April at 4.30pm.

The Nominations Board for positions is on the noticeboard, until 7th April. Usual rules: only nominate a person with their permission; all nominations to be proposed and seconded. Vacant positions may be filled from the floor at the meeting. Following the AGM business there will be the annual awards ceremony. Please try to be there. This is your club, so be informed and have your say (plus you may have won something!).


20 Mar 2018 : Training. Last Tuesday 27/3, last Sunday 28/4
Training is coming to a close for this season. Final Tuesday night session is 27th March and final Sunday Minis is 28th April.

20 Mar 2018 : Men's Club Supper Friday 6th April
Men’s Club Supper is on Friday 6th April, bar from 6.30pm, for sitting down at 8pm. Usual dress code and cost, let Dave Butcher know ASAP if you are coming please. Also any raffle prizes would be welcome!

20 Mar 2018 : Women’s World Cup 2018. We have TICKETS!

Women’s World Cup 2018 at Lea Valley. The Club has purchased 10 tickets for the “cross over” games 3 & 4 – these are post-group games – on Tuesday 31st July starting at 6pm. These tickets are for both games. England may be playing in them, if they come 2nd in their Group. We have 7 adult and 3 kids tickets, which will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Adults are £21, kids £5. Please contact Joolz Smith if you want some. In case you want to book others, we are in Block R, Row AA, seats 49-55.

08 Mar 2018 : Club Awards 2018

The end of the season is fast approaching, and with it will come our Annual AGM. This is the event when Club Officers and Captains make their reports of the season, and also when the Club awards are presented. This usually means that the various trophies are given out on the occasion, then hastily snatched back for engraving purposes, and afterwards it becomes difficult to re-unite the award with its recipient as it's now summer.

The Committee will know prior to the AGM who has been allotted the trophies, and it's very easy to get them engraved before this meeting, but only if they are all returned in good time so it can then be done.

If those who hold the trophies from last season could please return them either this weekend or the next, we'd be very grateful and so would its new owner! If you can't get to the Clubhouse yourself, perhaps you could arrange for someone else to do this, or leave it after training with anyone who will be at the Club in the next couple of weeks.

Many thanks for your co-operation with this!





27 Dec 2017 : Unwanted presents required for Club raffles!!

Dear All,

Did you get that dreaded present that you had to accept but will never in a million years wear/use/watch/play/read? Don't bin it or pass it on to someone else -- donate it to the Club, and it will be used as a raffle prize! This not only saves the Club spending much-needed money on prizes, but it may be just what another person wants to win!

Please contact Sue Butcher on 07905 453830 if you have something to donate, and your gift can be collected if required. 

Thanks in advance for your assistance! 

Kind regards,

Romford Hockey Club



07 Dec 2017 : Romford HC Kit Sale!

Dear All,

Romford are having a sale of club kit. So if yours is past it, or you need a Christmas present, now is the time!

Available kit is as follows, all priced at only £10, on a first come first served basis:

Ladies Shirts sizes 10 to 20, normally £18.50

Ladies Skorts sizes 8 to 20, normally £17

Mens Shirts sizes 38 to 46, normally £18.50

Mens Shorts sizes 28 to 48, normally £14.50

Socks are also available at £4 per pair.

Laurie will be bringing kit to the club on Saturday (he won't be there on Sunday).

So email him now with your orders at

Kind regards,

Romford Hockey Club



20 Aug 2017 : PUBLIC BALLOT for Women's Hockey World Cup 2018 tickets

Hi. For anybody who didn't apply for tickets back in April, that priority link is now closed. But all remaining tickets are now being sold via a public ballot. So if you didn't apply before, or just want some more tickets, use the link below to apply. You can enter the ballot from now until 6th September.

Please note that these are individual applications. We cannot make Club block bookings, so you will not be sitting together. Full details and a link to enter the ballot are found here

08 Feb 2017 : Easyfundraising raises FREE donations to the Club when you buy almost anything. See how it works:

Easyfundraising raises FREE donations to the Club when you buy almost anything. See how it works:

First register yourself using the link below. Then, when you spend money at any of hundreds of companies, the club will receive donations from those companies. Some small, some tiny, but they all add up.

Once you've registered, whenever you shop online, first go to the website and find the seller you want. Easyfundraising will then take you to that site and record anything you spend there. You do not have to do anything else.

An easier alternative is to download their Donation Reminder app to your browser(s). Then if you go directly to a website where donations are available, this app will tell you and let you activate the donation via a pop-up button. Perfect for those, like me, who keep forgetting to go to Easyfundraising first... There's a mobile app too.

Hundreds of vendors are signed up to this including all kinds of shops, ebay, travel companies, insurers, telecoms, utilities, pizzas, banks, cinemas, events... the list is huge. See for more.

05 Mar 2012 : Prospective players click here! Men, women and youth!
New players are always welcome at Romford Hockey Club.
So whether you're a complete beginner, looking to change clubs, or looking to return to the sport please get in touch!

We run sides for youth, adult ladies and adult men.

Contact us for more info: