Romford Hockey Club - Subscription/fee information

Subscription and match fee info 2020/21


Annual Subscriptions                            

 Senior playing member:   £160.00  
 Senior Citizen* playing member  £110.00  
 Full time students / under 16's:    £60.00    
 13 and under:   £23.00  
 Non-playing social members:   £10.00  

Payment in installments by way of Standing Order can be arranged, either through the  club treasurer or by downloading the
clubs Standing Order form which members can find under the Club Forms page. Please hand the completed form to your club captain.

*Senior Citizens are fully retired and over 60 years old on 1st October of the relevant season.

Penalties of £20 for Seniors and £10 for Juniors will be imposed if subscriptions are not commenced by
1 December or fully paid by 1 April

Family subscriptions are as follows;
2 seniors + 1 junior                         £320.00
 1 senior + 2 juniors  £240.00
 1 senior + 1 junior  £185.00
 2 seniors  £270.00
 2 juniors  £100.00

All new members will receive a full RHC Club kit upon payment of their annual subscription.

Match fees
All Saturday games and all league games are as follows:

Seniors:                                         £6.00
Full-time students / under 16's: £3.00
Mixed games / Indoor evenings    £5.00
Summer games:                           £4.00
Summer games M1/L1  £5.00

All other match fees are to be decided by the committee.

It is the responsibility of all Club members to pay their match fees on the day.
All team captains should arrange collection and pass monies to the treasurer.